Cape Hatteras Charcoal Grills

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Cape Hatteras (hood closed) Cape Hatteras (front) Cape Hatteras (inside) Cape Hatteras (height adjustment) Cape Hatteras (ash tray) Cape Hatteras hood up

The uncompromising quality and durability of Wilmington Grill for the charcoal enthusiast

The Cape Hatteras Charcoal grill is American made from 304 grade stainless steel materials. Our charcoal grills feature an flame height adjustment, slide-out ash tray for easy cleaning and comes in both a 30" wide and 36" wide models. The Cape Hatteras Charcoal grills are equipped with 10" heavy-duty rubber wheels, two large side shelves (12" x 19") and feature our patented seven-sided cooking chamber design.

Optional Accessories

  • Front shelf assembly
    (shelf, cup holder, utensil holder)
  • Warming rack

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  • Exclusive seven-sided design
  • All stainless steel construction
  • "Built-for-a-Lifetime" - 7 year warranty

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All of our grills are proudly built in the USA.